Booking Information


Given I receive more emails around booking than pretty much any other topic, I've decided to finally create a section of my website to give you the key information you are most likely looking for.  If you can't find an answer to your question below, drop me an email here.

Q: How much do you charge for a session?

A: A studio based shoot with me is normally $300.  I offer some discounts for things like granting me the right to use your shots on my site and pages if I want.

Q: Does that fee include hair, makeup or wardrobe?

A: No.  You are free to arrange your own hair and makeup (and I will happily make referrals) or to do it yourself.

Q: So, for $300, you are giving me a shoot, no hair or makeup or wardrobe?  That seems high.

A: I could go on about my costs (studio rent, insurance, gear. website maintenance, etc) or the amount of time I have to invest in a shoot once we're done, but, instead, I will simply say that in the grand scheme of things, my approach make my costs quite affordable.

Q: Why would you say you're affordable?

A: My approach is different.  Many photographers charge less for the shoot, and, then, charge you for each edit or print you want, often at an inflated rate.  For my fee, you get the shoot, a private viewing gallery and your 8 selected images fully retouched and provided back to you as both high resolution, non-watermarked files (suitable for printing) and lower resolution, watermarked files (suitable for your social media accounts).  You are now in control of your images, so, you can have them printed, at your cost, not an inflated cost.

Q: What if I need more images?  What if I want you to travel to me?  What if.....

A: I tend to be pretty flexible to make sure an arrangement works for you, so, if something above doesn't feel like it fits, drop me a note and let's chat.

Q: OK - this all seems good, I want to proceed with booking, what's next?

A: Normally we want to set a date and time (I keep this calendar so you have a sense of when I might be available), sort out logistics and I ask for a deposit (25%).  Once those three things are set, we have a date!