Want To Model For Me?

First off, I'm flattered. 

Truly.  Genuinely.  

I am also obligated to make sure I can pay for my studio, to upkeep my gear, for insurance.  Combine that with the fact that I have only so many hours in any day or week...the reality is, for collaborative type work (where you are hoping to collaborate with me and not necessarily pay me), I have limited time.  Now, that doesn't mean I won't do it, but, it will always be secondary to paid work.

That said, I do still do collaborative sessions sometimes. 

So, the logical questions are often when and how does one get chosen? 

The answers to those are a bit further down...but first, let's cover off some key points. 

1. Sometimes I do collaborative sessions to test out new gear, or, to take a run at bringing a concept to life that I want to (usually an idea stuck in my head).  In almost every single time, when I am looking for models for these cases, I use folks that have filled out my model application form here.  A tip for those of you filling it out...use the form and the images you submit to inspire me.  Consider it a bit like an online resume - how will you make your submission stand out from the dozens of other ones I receive?

2. I expect the sessions to be of benefit to both parties.  In most cases, that means that I will look to use the images we create in advertising, I may look to sell prints of them.  I will make sure you are credited.  You are welcome to do the same.  

3.  I tend to provide a lot less edited images from these sessions than a paid session and they will be watermarked.  

Now, given I covered above how one tends to go about getting noticed, the next most frequently answered question is "When?" as in "When might I next be looking to collaborate with someone?"  The answer to that is really variable.